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Packaging Design for Indian delicacies like pickles, chutneys and Jams made with organic mangoes. A culmination to a delightful mango-picking experience to creating delectable treats with guidance from experienced elders.

Benne Mangoes

Client : Benson Co


Annually, the founder extends a warm invitation to families for a mango-picking adventure during the fruit's ripening season at his organic farm. Together, they craft and indulge in native delicacies, fostering a sense of community amongst attendees.


As the mango season arrives, vibrant parrots join the scene, while lush leaves blanket the farm, painting it in vibrant shades of green. To capture the essence of this season and its flavors, we've curated imagery that resonates with the experience.

Our choice of Belgian glass bottles not only showcases the spices' vibrant hues but also serves as an ideal storage solution, preserving the delicacies' freshness over extended periods

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Benne Mangoes

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