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About Tacit

Tacit is a design studio rooted in India, offering a wide range of creative services. From research and graphics to web design and digital experiences, our close-knit team of skilled designers collaborates seamlessly while valuing individual contributions. With over a decade of experience, our portfolio reflects diverse projects, serving individuals, small businesses, and startups

Our Process

We work with people who want to do things that make a positive difference change minds and change lives. 

Together with our clients, we explore fundamental questions – what they do, how they do it, who do they do it for, and why. Then we find answers they can use. 

We don’t just help in immediate change. We hand hold clients till they see transform their vision by design

We can work with you on :

  • Design research

  • Design sprint & audits

  • Brand/product/UX architecture

  • Brand/product reviews

  • Brand/product identity

  • Product design

  • UX/UI design

  • Symbol and logo design

  • Graphic design

  • Typography and typeface design

  • Environmental graphics

Listen, Learn, Connect

Since 2015 we have worked across the spectrum of the design process, often starting with research before defining a strategy and core narrative, solving design architecture issues and creating names, products, services for new ventures. We then concentrate our minds on powerful ideas for design and communications that connect with Indian contexts, before implementing and embedding those ideas into organisations.

Co-create, Iterate, Test, Improvise

To do this, our core team stays small, but covers the key bases – from research and strategic analysis to design, and implementation. We don’t see the co-creation process as a divide between strategy, design or Indian context – we’re fluent in both and often blur the stages together. We’re fascinated by the design wisdom which opens the discipline up in how we work.

Stay along, Help scale, Influence impact

We know that for a 21st-century experience to succeed it must clearly define what it is, and why it exists. But we never forget that even the greatest strategy in the world still needs a compellingly original creative expression. Our aim is to solve thorny business problems with sharp ideas, while demonstrating wit, intelligence and humanity along the way.

Our Clients

Thrilled to have partnered with a diverse range of clients, each with unique goals. These stories speak about the collaborative journey we've shared over many years.

Platform Design for multiple Aastrika entities and brand refresh

Game Design as a catalyst for social innovation in the healthcare sector

Communicating civilisational identity through thought, content and design

Brand identity and website design for a growth stage venture capitalist 

Brand identity for music cognition lab at Nimhans

 Website and application design for an investment platform 

Data visualization to create scalable templates for Vedantu

Brand Identity for a multi-disciplinary design studio

Product design and brand identity for a sports gear company

Life at Tacit

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