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Redefining Aastrika's Brand Identity

Two years after transitioning from Aastar to Aastrika, it was time to strengthen Aastrika's brand strategy, visual identity, voice, and culture. The intent was clear: to inspire people to align with Aastrika's vision and engage in the vital conversation surrounding maternal health and the need for physical and digital healthcare infrastructure development in India.

From establishing internal value pillars to defining visual standards and message guidelines, the aim for design was to create a robust framework that would underpin Aastrika's communications and outreach efforts.

Illuminating the Brand and Purpose

Inspired by Aastrika's core purpose of "Transforming birthing for millions," we embarked on a journey to strengthen its existing identity. Rooted in relatable Indian imagery, the renewed thicker logo represented strength, warmth, and vibrancy—a beacon in the realm of maternal health. The subtle colors and visual elements, characterized by soft curved forms, spoke of adaptability and enveloping care. Designed to flex and adapt across digital, social, and physical environments, the new branding aimed to engage audiences and foster lasting recall.

Amplifying the Voice and communication

Across various channels—from the website to events and social media platforms—it was imperative to articulate Aastrika's personality and mission. This entailed a clear articulation of the challenges, focus areas, and impactful programs spearheaded by Aastrika over the past four years. By showcasing tangible results and effects in the space, we aimed to forge deeper connections with their audience.

Reinforcing the Brand Identity

In the realm of brand building, repetition of brand elements and purpose reigns supreme. By consistently reinforcing Aastrika's identity and purpose, we aimed to create a brand that resonates with the users and nurtures enduring relationships and build the path towards a future where every birthing experience is marked by dignity, safety, and compassion.


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