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Designing an Efficient Path to Early-Stage Startup Funding in India,The Success Story of LetsVenture

LetsVenture Mobile, Web application
LetsVenture Mobile, Web application

Tacit pioneered the initial iteration of LetsVenture's mobile and web-based solution, effectively linking startup founders with global investors. This innovative online platform streamlines the process of securing early-stage investments, making it quick and efficient.

Founder's Vision: Our goal is to establish India's premier early stage investment platform, facilitating investor discovery of startups and seamless investment connections in the country's leading entrepreneurial ventures.

Challenge: Investors struggle to identify startups aligned with their investment philosophies, while startup founders face difficulties in attracting funds from investors who share belief in their vision.

Strategy: Our approach involves curating high-potential startups, employing proprietary methods for startup matching, fostering social affinity, and thereby amplifying the likelihood of investments from interested backers. Our funding acceleration service expedites the closure process for enhanced clarity.

Solution: Introducing a mobile and web application catering to both investors and founders. Startups are presented as interactive cards, promoting a Tinder-like engagement to gauge interest in the venture. Through a swift commitment feature, investors and founders can engage in real-time chats to finalize negotiations online.

Impact: With over 950 investments made on the platform,LetsVenture’s portfolio value has reached $11 billion. A staggering 35,000 startups have registered online, enticing more than 20,000 investors to commit over $140 million in investments since 2013.


In the dynamic landscape of the modern business world, startups serve as the bedrock of innovation and entrepreneurship. India, with its vibrant startup ecosystem, has witnessed an upsurge in entrepreneurial endeavours, seeking the necessary fuel to bring their ideas to life. However, the journey from a groundbreaking idea to a funded venture has historically been fraught with challenges. LetsVenture, a pioneering platform, has redefined this journey, revolutionizing the process of raising early-stage funds for startups in India.

Empowering Vision: Revolutionizing Startup Investments in India

LetsVenture embarked on its journey with a clear and ambitious vision: to become India's premier platform for early-stage startup investments, facilitating a seamless connection between visionary investors and promising startup founders. The goal was to alleviate the longstanding struggle faced by both parties - investors struggling to find startups aligned with their investment philosophy, and startups seeking investors who believed in their innovative ideas.

Navigating the Challenge: Bridging the Gap Between Investors and Founders

One of the fundamental challenges in the startup ecosystem has been the difficulty in matching investors with startups that align with their objectives. Conversely, startups often find it challenging to secure funding from investors who share their passion and vision. LetsVenture tackled this obstacle head-on by adopting a multifaceted strategy.

Strategic Approach: Curating, Matching, and Streamlining

LetsVenture's strategy centers on three key pillars: curation, matching, and acceleration. The platform curates a selection of high-potential startups, employing proprietary methods to identify those most likely to succeed. Through innovative matching algorithms and techniques, the platform fosters social affinity between startups and investors, significantly enhancing the likelihood of investment.

Moreover, LetsVenture accelerates the funding process by offering closure clarity as a service. This strategic move streamlines the funding process, effectively bridging the gap between startup founders and investors.

Innovative Solution: The Mobile and Web-Based Application

At the core of LetsVenture's success lies its groundbreaking mobile and web-based application. This interface introduces a novel approach to the age-old process of connecting startups and investors. The platform presents startups to potential investors in the form of cards, inviting interactions reminiscent of the popular dating app, Tinder. This engaging format enables investors to express their interest in a startup idea with a simple swipe.

Notably, LetsVenture takes the efficiency a step further by incorporating a quick-commit button. This innovation empowers investors and startup founders to initiate real-time conversations, fostering direct negotiations that lead to investment closures. This real-time connectivity eliminates geographical barriers and catalyzes swift investment decisions.

Impact: Pioneering Success in the Startup Ecosystem

LetsVenture's impact on the Indian startup ecosystem has been nothing short of remarkable. With over 950 investments made on the platform, amounting to a staggering portfolio value of $11 billion, the platform has transformed the investment landscape. Over 35,000 startups have registered on the LetsVenture platform, attracting a community of more than 20,000 investors who have collectively invested over $140 million since 2013.

In conclusion, LetsVenture's innovative approach to early-stage startup funding has not only simplified the complex process but has also invigorated the startup ecosystem in India. By leveraging technology, fostering social affinity, and accelerating the funding journey, LetsVenture has emerged as a beacon of success, bridging the gap between visionary startup founders and enthusiastic investors. This success story exemplifies how a strategic vision, coupled with innovative technology, can reshape traditional paradigms and pave the way for a brighter future for startups in India.


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