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Crafting PuzzleDesh: Weaving Mythical Stories of India into Puzzles

Tacit partnered with traditional Indian artistes to create series of Puzzles called PuzzleDesh. It kickstarted the business, product development, brand positioning, marketing and distribution system for PuzzleDesh printing and selling 10000 copies.

Founding Partners : Sindhu Kulkarni, Kiran Kulkarni, Srinivas Bylhalli

Founders Vision : To enable the rich indian stories celebrating it by the process of play via beautifully crafted board games and puzzles


Facilitate a meditative experience through interactive engagement with legendary narratives portrayed using traditional Indian painting styles.


Carefully select significant mythological tales from India that portray divine elements, allowing participants to emotionally resonate with the narrative through the process of assembling puzzles. Collaborate with skilled traditional artists, transform their artistic creations into digital format, and feature their work prominently on puzzle boxes, thus generating recognition for the artists and promoting their classical painting techniques.


Introduce a collection of 10 distinct puzzles, each illustrating pivotal mythological narratives from India. Crafted with intricately designed puzzle pieces, these puzzles are tailored for both celebratory occasions and daily meditative practices.


In a world dominated by digital entertainment, PuzzleDesh emerges as a captivating fusion of traditional pastimes and storytelling. Through a partnership between Tacit and traditional Indian artists, this innovative endeavor brings the ancient art of storytelling and the meditative allure of puzzles into harmonious convergence. This distinctive venture not only revives the fascination for traditional board games but also resurrects the captivating mythical stories of India in a tangible and engaging manner.

The Visionaries Behind PuzzleDesh: Founding Partners

At the helm of this creative venture are the visionary founding partners: Sindhu Kulkarni, Kiran Kulkarni, and Srinivas Bylhalli. Fueled by their shared passion, they embarked on a mission to celebrate India's rich cultural heritage by transforming timeless tales into interactive puzzles. Their vision was unwavering—to infuse the process of play with the essence of India's narrative traditions.

The Essence of PuzzleDesh: A Tale-Woven Puzzle Collection

The centerpiece of PuzzleDesh's offerings is a collection of intricately designed puzzles. Each puzzle piece serves as a portal, transporting players into the enchanting world of Indian mythology. This curated assortment of puzzles serves as a bridge between generations, merging the allure of age-old legends with the tactile pleasure of puzzle solving.

Navigating the Challenge: Blending Meditation and Engagement

A central challenge for PuzzleDesh was to seamlessly merge meditative engagement with storytelling. The founders aspired to craft puzzles that would enable players to immerse themselves in stories, shedding stress and losing track of time—a tranquil journey through ancient narratives.

The Strategic Thread: Fostering Artistic Connections

PuzzleDesh's strategy was as ingenious as it was culturally resonant. The team embarked on a quest to curate pivotal mythical stories from India's vast trove. These narratives were then meticulously portrayed through traditional painting styles, drawing inspiration from diverse regions of the country.

But the innovation didn't cease there. PuzzleDesh acknowledged the value of collaborating with traditional Indian artists. These often-overlooked artisans were provided a platform to shine. Their intricate artwork was digitized and prominently featured on puzzle boxes. This not only introduced players to the artists' distinctive styles but also contributed to the preservation of traditional art forms.

The Culmination: Meditative Artistry and Play

PuzzleDesh's achievement manifests as a series of ten puzzles, each embodying a pivotal mythical tale from India. What elevates these puzzles is their uniquely shaped pieces, intricately designed to mirror the cultural essence of the stories they portray. These puzzles transcend mere games; they become conduits of relaxation, education, and artistic appreciation.

From festive gatherings to serene evenings of introspection, PuzzleDesh's puzzles find a place in diverse corners of people's lives. They emerge as bridges between generations, sparking discussions about India's cultural legacy and fostering an understanding of the narratives that have woven its identity.

In Conclusion

PuzzleDesh stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, cultural heritage, and imaginative play. By revitalizing traditional art forms and blending them with the joy of puzzle-solving, PuzzleDesh has kindled a flame of curiosity and celebration. As these puzzles grace households, they breathe life into India's timeless myths and stories, ensuring they remain cherished for generations to come.


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