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Designing a light weight cricket leg gear for fast paced cricket

Tacit partnered with 21G, to kickstart the product development and set up their first production centre in Bangalore


Help reduce the cases of “Bow legs” in case of extreme cricketers, especially batsmen over a period of continuous cricketing practice


Discover, explore, prototype alternate affordable materials with optimised shapes to reduce weight and increase strength of cricket leg guard and position it for new age cricket.


Innovation on the material of cricket leg guard to sandwiched PP, reducing weight by over 40%, enabling batsmen to run between the wickets faster


Cricket is a sport that demands agility, speed, and precision. With the evolving dynamics of the game, players are pushing their limits to excel on the field. One crucial aspect of cricket that often goes unnoticed is the protective gear worn by players, especially batsmen. In this pursuit of excellence, Tacit Designs, in collaboration with 21G, has revolutionised the concept of cricket leg guards. Let's delve into the journey of designing a lightweight cricket leg gear that caters to the demands of fast-paced cricket.

The Genesis: A Partnership with Purpose

Tacit Designs teamed up with 21G to embark on a journey to redefine cricket leg guards. This collaboration marked the establishment of a cutting-edge production center in Bangalore, where innovation took center stage. With Sanath Reddy at the helm, the founder's vision was to transcend traditional ideas of protective gear and develop products that not only provided superior protection but also resonated with the aesthetics of the modern game.

Innovating for Excellence: The Cricket Leg Guard

The primary objective was to address a prevalent issue in cricket – "Bow legs." The continuous practice and rigorous matches often took a toll on the players' legs, especially batsmen who needed to remain agile and swift. Tacit Designs recognized this challenge and set out to create a solution that would reduce the cases of bow legs among extreme cricketers.

Strategy for Evolution: Lightweight & Resilient

The journey to create the perfect cricket leg guard started with a strategic approach: Discover, Explore, and Prototype. The team sought to explore alternate materials that would not only be affordable but also optimize the guard's shape to enhance strength and reduce weight. This approach was grounded in the understanding that lightweight protective gear could significantly impact a player's performance on the field.

A Game-Changing Solution: The Power of Innovation

The crux of the solution lay in innovating the material used for the cricket leg guard. Through meticulous research and experimentation, Tacit Designs introduced a groundbreaking concept: sandwiching Polypropylene (PP) between layers. This innovation led to a remarkable weight reduction in the leg guard, making it considerably lighter and stronger than its conventional counterparts.

Unleashing Performance: The Impact on Players

The innovation had a direct impact on players, particularly batsmen. The reduced weight of the leg guard allowed them to run between the wickets faster and move with heightened agility. This not only improved their overall performance but also contributed to a reduction in leg strain and the cases of bow legs, which had been a persistent concern among cricketers.

Conclusion: Redefining Cricket Protection

Tacit Designs, led by the visionary Sanath Reddy, succeeded in revolutionising cricket leg guards. By embracing innovative materials and rethinking traditional design concepts, they not only addressed a critical issue but also contributed to the evolution of protective gear in the cricketing world. This collaboration between Tacit Designs and 21G serves as a testament to the power of partnership, innovation, and a shared vision to make cricket safer and more dynamic for players.

In the ever-evolving landscape of sports, Tacit Designs' journey stands as an inspiring example of how a commitment to innovation can transform the way athletes perform and protect themselves on the field. As the cricketing world continues to push boundaries, this new era of lightweight protective gear promises to be a game-changer for players seeking to excel in the fast-paced world of cricket.


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