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Brand, Website & Communication Strategy for a growth stage VC aimed at Tech-Led B2B SAAS companies. Avatar’s model was not just being VC’s on board but as experienced scaling sherpas working actively with the founders to transform them into enduring global businesses.

Avataar Ventures

Identity, Digital 

Avatar prioritized - effectively communicating its key tenets through its digital presence. The identity design revolved around a monogram combining the letters "A" and "V," representing scale and growth, rooted in Avatar's systematic, guided, and collective approach to scaling ventures. The brand colors - light blue for openness and trust, and dark blue for professionalism and maturity - harmonized with a base palette of white, grey, and ivory, creating a sophisticated and cohesive visual identity.

All Projects

Nitya Prarthana Books

Friendship with Science

K Viswanath film festival


Eta Labs


Vijaya Foods

Benne Mangoes

Aastrika Foundation

Mysuru Yoga Utsava



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