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Identity design for a centre focussing on multi-disciplinary research on the vast textual corpus of Śaivism and the documenting of contemporary forms of Śaivism, such as the thriving temple traditions, the yoga traditions, Śaiva dance and art forms, and various forms of Śaiva devotional practices.

Center for Shaiva Studies

Client : INDICA


To visually embody the essence of Shiva, we focused on two key elements: 'Nada Brahman' and the iconic Shiva symbol - the Linga. 'Nada' signifies the subtle sound or vibration resonating across the universe, encapsulating the core of creation. The Shiva Linga, a widely recognized emblem, embodies boundless power, with forces converging into the vast, serene, unmanifested state or pure bliss. These elements were blended to create a visual symbol for the center, encapsulating the profound concepts around the Idea of Shiva.

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