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Board game design exploring stories of India through play. In this game, players recreate the beautiful landscape of Hampi with roads, villages, farms and ponds. In turn, they win the hearts and support of the locals and increase their influence to win the precious sun jewel.


Client : Tacit Games

Product, Digital, Games

From the initial idea to the final result, we meticulously considered design throughout the entire journey – concept creation, product design, rigorous testing, smooth production, and strategic market planning.


The game's elements were fine-tuned to align with the realities of Indian manufacturing, simplifying the production process. The eco-conscious packaging not only embodies the game's spirit but also facilitates organized storage of components, safeguarding against wear and tear for sustained longevity. Collaborating closely with skilled local artists, we seamlessly incorporated cultural subtleties and gameplay mechanics into the design, enriching the overall gameplay experience.

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