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The design system for a series of workbooks, catering to Grade 5 - Grade 10 students, focusing on analytical thinking, mathematics, and English ability. Its primary goal was to inspire and instil interest in the students, transforming these subjects into approachable, relatable, and enjoyable learning experiences.

Kriya Workbooks

Client : Gray Matters (Now: Convegenius Insights Pvt Ltd)

Identity, Editorial Design

The workbook emerged from a study revealing weak digital adoption among students from lower-income families, and it aimed to tackle the main challenges identified with these subjects. Mathematics posed an abstract concept difficult to relate to the real world. English ability presented comprehension difficulties due to a lack of familiarity. Analytical thinking overwhelmed students. The design focused on crafting a content system that sparks curiosity, making students eagerly anticipate each edition and transforming the workbook into a collectible item.

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Aastrika Foundation

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