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Designing Let's Venture's digital presence and mobile app, a top Indian angel investing network. They help startups get "investment-ready" and connect them with accredited investors, while aiding investors in finding suitable startups and funding rounds for investment.

Lets Venture

Client : LetsVenture Technologies Pvt Ltd

Product, Digital 

LetsVenture streamlined early-stage startup funding, simplifying the process for investors to discover promising startups and for startups to connect with supportive investors. We designed a user-friendly web and mobile platform, enabling effortless engagement and fostering real-time interaction.


This resulted in faster, personalised, and paperless funding processes, with LetsVenture raising over $51 million within a year, funding 138 startups and attracting 3,000 active investors. This transformation democratised investing, making LetsVenture's position as one of India's largest angel investment network.

We involved with strategy development, vision planning, and creating effective product use cases. We visualised the mobile and web applications, aligned with the product roadmap, and conducted continuous UI/UX enhancements. This included testing, data-driven improvements, and introducing flows to optimise user engagement, ultimately making investment more accessible and efficient.


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