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Identity design for India’s first Music cognition lab at Nimhans, Bangalore representing cognition and reinforcing faith

Music Cognition Lab

Client : Dr. Shantala Hegde I Nimhans


"MCL's research centers on music cognition and neuromusicology, spanning basic science to clinical application. Their investigations encompass musically trained and untrained individuals across various clinical conditions. Clinical research delves into the impact of music-based interventions on cognition, language, emotion, and overall functionality in neurological and psychiatric conditions. Neurocognitive evaluation, EEG/ERP, and fMRI methods are utilized.

The lab's unique focus on Indian music led us to Goddess Saraswati —the deity of cognition and music in our shastras. We looked into the Yantra symbols representing the Goddess, which visually looks like an intricate web like network akin to neurons and the EEG/ERP apparatus used at the lab.

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