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Creating a simulation boardgame to bring together and train the "Jan Arogya Samiti" (JAS) members, comprising the Panchayat and health workers of a village. The game trains them on roles, responsibilities, and processes while fostering health awareness through interactive play and cultivating collaboration to enhance village well-being.


Client : Piramal Foundation

Game, Product 

We began by understanding user context and familiarity with JAS, operations, and games played. Low-fidelity prototypes were used to explore mechanics such as Voting, Knowledge Building, and Scenario Simulation and how it would shape the experience.


To address health worker time and coordination, the game is divided into two parts: "The Checklist" that ranks 15 PHC criteria quarterly, boosting JAS goal success. The other part includes interactive scenarios with voting and learning, becoming a monthly JAS ritual. Feedback demonstrated improved interaction, understanding, and unbiased participation. More about the game >

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