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Design of a Coffee table Book under Indica's Chitrayaana series - Documenting and sharing the rich cultural heritage, vividly captured through the experiential eye and soul of the insider who lives and breathes this culture. Discovering Devi was the second book in this series - A photographic journey of Artiste Rukmini Vijaykumar's shivaratri performances at the ancient Chola and Pandya temples of Tamilnadu.

Discovering Devi 

Client : INDICA I Rukmini Vijayakumar


The content of the book intertwines Anup J Kat's evocative photography capturing movement, personal reflection, and synergy between the dancer and audience. Excerpts of the artiste's poems delve into dance's philosophical depth, form, and language, revealing its manifestation in the dancer's persona through practice and performance.


The typographic design blends the 'transitional' serif typeface Utopia with the humanist typeface Optima, mirroring the artiste's contemporary and traditional influences.

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