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Designing a website to communicate to and mobilize people for hassle-free and secure crowd-funding in the Indian real estate sector, making investments easy and accessible.

Smart Owner

Client : SmartOwner Services India Pvt. Ltd.


Interactions were meticulously crafted to instill confidence, security, and excitement in every investor, fostering a sense of ownership that makes them a 'Smart Owner.'


In the realm of crowdfunding, the internet has made it easier than ever to raise funds collectively, yet investing in real estate remains a daunting task, bogged down by paperwork, brokers, and legal intricacies. SmartOwner bridged this gap online. The value of the platform had to be expressed through engaging testimonial videos, informative 'How-to' resources, and project samples showcasing impressive returns. The aim was to empower investors with the information they need to make informed decisions and invest with confidence.

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Eta Labs


Vijaya Foods

Benne Mangoes

Aastrika Foundation

Mysuru Yoga Utsava





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