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Identity design for a research center conceived to nurture, preserve, protect, and promote non-textual civilizational heritage of India. Focusing on crafts of the hand (body) and the voice, created with love and effort in tune with nature, traditions living and lost.

Center for Embodied Knowledge

Client : INDICA

Curation, Exhibition design, Identity

The logo's flowing line, inspired by the thread, symbolizes the heart-hand-mind-body connection. It reflects the profound bond between craft and its learning process, embodying the continuity of knowledge passed down through generations of artisans. Vibrant colors, drawn from traditional Indian weaves, underscore the organization's commitment to India's rich heritage.

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K Viswanath film festival


Eta Labs


Vijaya Foods

Benne Mangoes

Aastrika Foundation

Mysuru Yoga Utsava





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