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Product Design & Development, Content Curation, Identity, Digital Design, and Packaging for a startup making jigsaw puzzles with a focus on Indian traditional visual art forms and stories they tell from Indian epics and Mythology.


Client : Puzzledesh India Pvt. Ltd

Identity, Product, Editorial

"PuzzleDesh's design journey, centered on 'India through Play,' and the blended cultural storytelling and traditional painting styles across product, identity, and packaging. The product - a harmonious mix of cultural richness and engaging play, resonated notably with the elderly, fostering connections and encouraging quality time spent with loved ones.

Transitioning to identity and packaging, the thematic vision thrived, shaping the brand's identity with distinct regional painting styles and an elephant-inspired transformation of the brand name. For the packaging, we drew from a vibrant palette inspired by traditional sarees, creating a visually immersive and delightful experience."

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